Saturday, July 23, 2005


Finally, my DS0 is functional again. I'm paying line rent for most of this month without service. They say that the diggers hit the telephone cable. Same old excuse.
Two sessions for INETA Pakistan today. First, Hammad at Jinnah University for Women on Introduction to .NET Framework and then Zeeshan Muhammad with his debut session at NED University on Master Pages and Themes. Both sessions started late but went well. I hope the audience at NED University liked the broasts. The broasts had to be in the boxes for a few minutes which may have caused some deterioration, but I tried to do the best I could do. I hope it ended up well for the audience. There wasnt any left for us in the end, so we had to go out and get some for ourselves. I'm glad we had something of a volunteer force today. I'm hopeful they'll take a lot of load off my back now.

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