Friday, July 15, 2005

Livin la vida loca

Ever felt life go crazy? I thought things were roller coastering upto PDC 2005 and life went absolutely nuts, ballistic and berserk on me starting June 23, 2005. It ketp getting crazier not even every day, not even every hour, but every minute. Non stop, all the way to July 7. What happened you ask? You have to be kidding, things were happening and changing every minute, how many days do we have between June 23, and July 2? Dont ask me, I couldnt even keep track of what date it was, in fact, I still havent been able to come to that state of consciousness. So, multiply the number of days by number of minutes, and how can you expect me to remember, let alone write down all that happened?
Things are beginning to pick up pace, here we go again!

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