Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mobile Web App to configure Cisco router/switch

Some of my students were working on this project, so I brought home a Cisco 2950 catalyst switch and built on top of the telnet C# library, a mobile web application project, which I have uploaded to my web site. Just download the zip file, uncompress it. The folder MobileWebApplication1 contains the solution file so you can place it in your Visual Studio Projects folder in your My Documents folder and place the folder MobileWebApplication1 inside it in InetPub\wwwroot\. The Telnet C# library is included with the project, so you dont have to download it separately. Enjoy!
This one is a proof of concept for configuring a Cisco router over an IP network. I'll try to upload something that does the same over a serial port soon. I'll probably use VS 2005 Beta 2 to do that, owing to its cool System.IO.Ports namespace.

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