Saturday, July 30, 2005

Thank you for your comments that I cherish

I got so many comments and such great comments to my posting titled "Got it!" that I had a very long reply. So, I decided to write a new post with replies to those comments.
Thanks loads guys and girls. I thank those who have posted there comments and those who havent. You all mean so much to me. It takes a good person to see good in others. It is not me that is good, but you, who see me as good.
Adnan, I understand your feelings, and you understand mine. We make a great team. I have a feeling that some day soon, we'll be working together, and I'll wait for that day anxiously, because it will be source of pride and honor for me.
Faisal, it is an honor and a great source of pride for anyone to know that one has been an inspiration for someone. In fact it is something that people dream of, it is an achievement of a lifetime. It greatly humbles me to know that I have been able to touch someone's life and influence it in such a subtle way. Yes, I hope you'd see me on research journals time and again. Yes, I have a very long way to go. Lots of hard work to be done.
Khurram, it takes a good man to appreciate someone, and I assure you, you are the good man, I am just a guy who's doing his job.
Yahya, I'm glad you feel that way. I wish I could say that I deserved it. I certainly worked hard, but I do strongly feel that the prayers had a lot to do with it.
Nouman, I understand your feelings, but I am certain that I am leaving with several very competent teachers behind. I always want to be different, I want to make a difference, in someone's life, at my workplace. I see several people who will still be here, who want to do the same. I fought a battle, they will continue.
Kanizeh, that is a huge huge thing that you said. I thank you immensely for that. Me, in that league, at this age? That is quite something. I am happy that you and some other people feel that way. My bottom line has always been, I am not doing anything great. I am only trying to execute my job. I feel that as a teacher, it is my responsibility to assist my students in and out of class, with my subject, or on anything else. That is the job duty that I have tried to execute. Quite honestly, and not being humble, I always feel that I have not been able to do that to the extent that I am supposed to. So, I just keep trying my best, without the greed for any rewards. Fortunately, many many rewards have come my way, the greatest of which are the statements like yours and Faisal's that, to me, are greater than the MVP award, greater than a million rupees a month salary, an airconditioned office and a car, greater than anything else. I once again say, it takes a great person to appreciate someone. I am not great, I am not good, it is you who is/are great to see the good in me and not the bad. Thank you all, and know that I am not going anywhere. I am happy to know and say that I will be right here for you, in your hearts and minds, anytime. Just think of me, and I'll be thinking of you. We're inseparable.

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