Saturday, July 09, 2005

Indigo again!

I had a couple of partitions on my home desktop for Fedora which I wasnt working on for quite some time, so I thought let's install XP on those to dual boot with my existing Windows 2000. So, now I have a "production" (yea, right) Windows 2000 box, dual booting to my development Windows XP box, which is running much cleaner.
I have Visual Sutdio 6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2003 installed on it, installed .NET framework 2.0 Beta 2 onto it, took it to the university campus, and installed Avalon and Indigo Beta 1 RC while updating Windows and BitDefender antivirus. I brought it back home and installed Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 onto it followed by WinFX SDK Beta 1.
I then went back and developed an Indigo service hosted on IIS by going to File -> New Website and then selecting Indigo Service. Having built the service, I ran svcutil against it using the command svcutil http://localhost/IndigoService1/service.svc?wsdl which generated a proxy class and a configuration file.
I added a console application project to the solution, added the two generated files to it, renamed the output.config file to App.config, built the small sample code below and it ran fine.

MyServiceProxy proxy = new MyServiceProxy();
string result = proxy.MyOperation1("My name is ");
Console.WriteLine("The hello service returned: {0}",result);

It's nice how easy it is to develop an interoperable service that is secure at the same time. I'll experiment further utilizing gates to enforce access control using credentials and post to the blog later.

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