Monday, April 25, 2005

Day 1 of the conference

Woke up this morning at 6 am and the sun was about to rise. I took a few snaps of it, but I was shooting through the room's glass window. So, it captured either two suns or the sun and the impression of the camera's lens on the window or both. Maybe tomorrow I would go to the rooftop to take that shot.
Then, I pressed my clothes to take out the wrinkles collected during the travel. Then, I copied the snaps onto the laptop, deleting them from the memory stick. Put the laptop and the DSC batteries to charging and went down for breakfast at 8:30 am. We are being served breakfast from 7:30 am to 10:30 am at a cafe downstairs. I just had some cereal and coffee. Now I have to brush my teeth before Goksin comes to pick me and Edgar up at 10 am.
The weather outside looks fine, its partly cloudy. I decided to wear my white INETA Pakistan logo shirt today. I was in two minds, thinking that I should wear the logo shirt on the day when I would make the presentation, but since I dont know when that will be, and we have a three day summit, and I have only two logo shirts, I decided, let's wear one today, and then I can ask Goksin when I am speaking and wear the other one on that day, wearing a regular shirt on the remaining day.
I can see the ocean from up here on the 17th floor, room number 1718, Princess Hotel, Maslak. I think there's a school or something opposite where we are, a couple of blocks away, since I could see quite a few people assembled at around 8 am. From this distance it wasnt easy to see whether it were kids or grown ups. I'll need my camcorder for that, so we'll see tomorrow. There's a gas station right opposite us and it is self service like the US. The traffic is left hand driven and much less rowdy yet faster than in Karachi. There is public transportation.
I wonder what's in store with just under one hour left till Goksin comes to pick us up.......
Alright, I've brushed my teeth, too. Just took a peek outside and, yes, it does look like a school of sorts as I can see kids playing soccer. I can also see at a small distance on a small peak some installation with brabed wire fencing on top of tall walls. A secure installation that also has some antennas on a very tall tower. Couldnt be a telecomm installation like an exchange because there arent that many antennae. Probably a police or some other organization's installation. Could even have something to do with public transportation. I resisted the urge to take out my camcorder for now. I'll try to put it off till tomorrow morning.
Most TV channels on the cable were in Turkish, so it was interesting to hear Sylvester Stallone speak in Turkish. Scorpion King was on in English. I liked the visual effects in that movie, it was nice to watch it again.

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