Sunday, April 17, 2005

Great Concern

A little while ago on a mailing list called Ponder Alliance formed by people from the local computer software industry for improvement of software process and social work in general, there was this thread, that I wanted to share with a wider audience. Here is the original email:

Dear all group members

It is a great concern for the IT industry that in-take in the It institutes has been decreased dangerously. Due to cut in the expenditure by many organization there was a fall of job internationally and in local market. But we all know that usage of It has not been reduced. Students and their parent or advisor unable to understand that IT industry is now maturing. Students are not selecting IT filed as their career.

As Ponder Alliance has been into various institutes, it looks as if the trend continues to be same than we will not have the fresh people available for IT industry after 3 years or so.

Best Regards

Asad Ur Rehman

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