Sunday, April 24, 2005


Here I am at Dubai International Airport at 1:15 pm local time, 2:15 PST. I thought that the boarding card said 1:45 pm for the onward flight time while it was 1:45 boarding time. I rushed to the gate 21 to make it to the flight, thinking I might miss it. shush! I am sitting here waiting for the boarding to start.
The onward flight EK 121 takes me to Istanbul. The flight into Dubai was EK 601. It was a Boeing 777-300, a nice aircraft indeed. There werent many people in the plane and it was nice. The off boarding was smooth as people didnt rush it.
It will be nice ot be away from the steering wheel for a while. I dont like driving around in the rash Karachi traffic at all. But I have to do it because it is the best possible option. Better than public transportation. I went to possibly the worst possible place in Karachi to drive at, right in the heart of Saddar. If my father knew I was there driving my Nissan 92, he would probably kill me and hand my corpse on a busy intersection. He wouldnt even approve of driving a small Suzuki FX at that place, let alone the much bigger Nissan. Parking wasnt easy. And the reason I was there was to buy a digital camera. I was sure only to buy a Sony. No one does imaging like Sony does, just like no one does printing like HP.
I bought a 4.1 M Pixel digital camera. It is nice and taking nice snaps. I'll upload a few somewhere soon. Finally I have my own, something I have been wanting to have for a long time. I've also brought my Sony Handycam. I guess I have a hobby to shoot videos. I am scarce in those videos, of course, because I am behind the camera. But it comes as a hobby and I do fairly good shoots, having been doing it for quite a few years. Photography is also nice. I like doing it. I guess we'll be using this digital camera for the INETA Pakistan sessions from now on.
You set me free by Michelle Branch and Beautiful by Sarah Sadler from the soundtrack of the movie Just Married. I liked it, it is a romanitc comedy and the last shots were quite intense, I thought. Very nicely acted out and directed indeed, in my opinion. This is rough.

I think about you
and how you change everything you touch
I love you so much
you amaze me
lift me up to a higher place
put a smile on my face
you make me wanna be so beautiful
you make me wanna be
just like you
you make me wanna be
so beautiful
you make me wanna be just like you

Cant you see
there's a feeling its come over me
close my eyes
you're the only that leaves me
completely breathless
no need to wonder why
sometime you need that kiss you cant deny
I wanted to fly
so you gave me your wings
I held this breath
so I could see yea, can you set me free

there's a will
there's a way
sometimes words just cant explain
this is real
I'm afraid
I guess this time there's no hiding back
you leave me restless
you're in my heart
the only light that shines there in the dark

When I was alone
you came around when I was down
you pulled me through
and there's nothing that I wouldnt do for you

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Faisal Nasim said...

Neat! For a moment I thought I was in my own blogs! Adapt the best... ignore the rest! Been learning a lot from you! Hats off (though I don't wear one!) :)