Thursday, April 28, 2005


We went out of the Princess Hotel to Starbucks and did some blogging and emailing. Then at 10:30 am, we went to get me checked out of the hotel. There was an army of people checking in, so with considerable difficulty, I managed to get checked out. Me and Edgar went to the Taksim area of Istanbul by bus, which is where our conference had been hosted. We went around the streets where there was a tram operating. There were several shops.
Edgar bought some clothes for his wife. We went to Pizza Hut and got some food. We then went walking around. It was fun, I took several photographs. At 3 pm, we went back to the bus stop. We waited a long time for the bus to arrive and then at 3:30 we caught a taxi back to the hotel where someone was supposed to pick us up. Goksin sent someone up with his Ford Explorer to pick us up. He dropped us at the airport. I took some snaps along the way as well. At the airport the checking was rather strict and slow. Then there was checkin. I am having to carry the INETA MEA writing pads up to the aircraft. The lady refused to check that bag in. I checked in the other bag I had.
I'm blogging from Burger King after having checked my email again and replying to one. Our flight is at 7:20 pm, so there is about an hour to go. I have a window seat 24 K and Edgar has 11 G which appears to be aisle. I think its one of their large Boeing jets. Emirates EK 122 is taking us to Dubai. Let's see!

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