Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sometimes not in UKP lane

A guy in a crooked chassis red Mehran, which also had a for-sale sticker on its back figured I was in the UKP lane behind a black cab, which was behind a bus, all driving on a two lane road with traffic going in both directions on the same paved road. He tried to overtake me on a 90 degree almost blind turning, with visible traffic from the opposite direction. I just moved a little closer to the cab in front of me to allow the Mehran to ram into the opposite traffic. But he just spoiled that golden opportunity to wreck his stupid vehicle by slowing down and getting behind me.
In Karachi, every vehicle is driven along the same mathematical model, and the model that is followed is that invented by motor rickshaw drivers. You know, the vehicle with the record highest number of rear view mirrors, none of which is used for any other tasks than glancing at the chic in the rear compartment. All drivers licences should immediately be cancelled.

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