Sunday, April 17, 2005

Great Concern Part IV

Dear All,
Good topic and very informative information, I am sure this will add value to the effort and will help individuals.

I agree with the analysis by all of you and want to add few observations on the scope of IT jobs.

Some months ago I came across a Network World e-news article which stated that '80 %' of Corporate America's decision making is based on information that does not reside on systems and databases!! But is located on fax machines, emails, answering machines etc..

Using my reflections from last six years in two large multinational mnc's I agree to the bold statement made above. One of the Largest mnc's in the world still have high, very high degree of 'manual perations'.
Top execs are still looking around for key decision making information which gets to them after a struggle.

That is state of affairs. IT is still in need more than what majority understands it to be. Then why this decline in IT jobs, and why this need is not creating more jobs?

In order to understand scope of IT we need to reconsider the words 'information' and 'technology'. Being able to put information in a scientific way to earn advantage in a business environment gives you an almost infinite area to play in. Its not like Finance and other 'pre' information revolution jobs.

But that power is not readily available. You have to get to it. There will always be ways in which information could be manipulated and used for better working. But finding and implementing those ways needs someone who is a 'leader' and can motivate people to move to the 'new world'.

IT is about automation, efficiencies, changing of status-quo. IT guys are silent revolutionaries of our age. They are leading the major waves of changes of our time. They, by definition, have to create their own world.

They are the ones who create the infrastructure in which the businesses find their place to live and prosper.

Even though they will reduce their own jobs in the effort of automation such as in the form of infrastructure management and outsourcing, but they 'CAN' create more jobs than they reduce.

In summary world needs real IT guys, the leaders of change, champions of knowledge based decision making, gurus with technical skills to touch the skies. Most of the IT guys lack vision and character to fight. They act like computers rather than people who can put computers to use.

So to me the great concern is the development of right IT guys and not the fear of reduction in IT jobs.


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