Sunday, April 17, 2005

Great Concern Part V

Here's another reply to that thread:

IT industry needs quality control for Human resource.
Every one in Pakistan is IT pro, From Matric Pass to
any level. There may be less than 1% pros who can
produce original work of softarwe development. The
market is controlled by Fluent English speaking people
and not professionals. The stunents who do persue
Degree in computer Science have very low grades in
Intermediate. How can we expect a third grader to
compete a real world of IT.

The Studnets from Engineering universities are doing
much better. Without better academics the results can
not be acheieved. The IT industry in Pakistan is bound
to collapse. The compulsory almost TIe wearing of IT
pros will not help. I am in Canada and no one is
wering ties not even in banks. We must come out of
false get ups of being a professional.


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