Sunday, April 17, 2005

Great Concern Part III

Fallacy on behalf of recent intermediate pass out students is not their fault. Who should they refer to for their career counseling, their parents don’t know much about the industry, any industry for that matter. The parents opt to play a very safe game. “Go be a doctor or an engineer my child”. Yet again the parents are right in their own right, why experiment on their child. Why should he be the guinea pig? You must admit that still today being an engineer or a doctor is the safest bet. Another pre conceived notion that prevails is that of going for an educational degree that is “hot” these days. The very careful and up to date parents did their precious homework, consulted some relatives and friends who were working and asked “what is a better career option these days”. And even if they rightly decide the most in demand degree today is xyz, they push their child to pursue that. The child gets admission in a good school, tries to study the so called “hot career”. Here is the most severe error of judgment on behalf of the parents. What if the child is not interested in the academics he is forced to pursue? Now, how much amount of career counseling you do for that student, it really really doesn’t matter. For those students who opted for xyz degree themselves, efforts like those of this alliance is laudable, it gives them a career path within the career domain they have selected.

So now, even if you have all the road shows, all the joint IT firms & school ventures, all the awareness given to the students already pursuing the xyz degree might turn futile. For the students really into the xyz degree this is great, but I guess for concerns regarding the future intakes, steps need to be taken at college level. PA should focus their career counseling efforts in this channel. I’m sure with the type of people Ponder Alliance has, the results would start coming very soon InshaAllah.

RaFFat Raza.

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