Sunday, April 24, 2005


Enjoying wi fi in the Starbucks coffee shop. Blogging from Istanbul, Turkey. Goksin Bakir will be picking us up from the hotel at 10 am tomorrow morning. Us means myself and Edgar Okioga, from Kenya, very nice person. Had a very nice conversation with him and it enforces how much we have in common. The same sets of strengths and problems. It will be interesting to meet the rest tomorrow.
The hotel isnt the best in the whole world, but it is certainly very nice. The room is very nice and big. I have taken snapshots with my DSC and will upload them somewhere sometime soon.
Stay tuned, INETA Pakistan has arrived in Turkey!


Zeeshan Muhammad said...

You just rock whatever you do... All the best to INETA Pakistan in Turkey :)

Faisal Nasim said...

Wifi at Starbucks! Why do you have to make me envy you?!? I'll have my day.

Hammad said...

great going... have a gr8 time