Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Last year on May 11, 2004, we bought a white Nissan 1992 from a relative of one of my school friends. It was in very good condition at that time, and the reason he was selling it was that he immediately needed the money to pay for his two sons' admission at Cadet College Peet-aro. Small kids. You'll know the reason for this spelling of Petaro very soon.
He sold the card, the payment was made, I got the keys, he got the money, he took his sons to Peet-aro and admitted them. You cant visit them quite often, but when he visited them, he found them somewhat depressed and they were asking him to take them back. He thought it must be the difficulty of adjusting to the new place without family. On subsequent visits, the insistence started to grow. Then the kids revealed why they didnt want to stay there. They told him that they were severely beaten at the college (hence my spelling for Petaro). They made some small excuses of taking the kids home for a few days and my friend reports having seen marks of beating on the kids backs even several days had past the actual beating, which should give you an indication of the severity of the beating.
That is sick! When I think about those kids, they were small kids, I couldnt even slap them! Of course, they didnt send them back. Peet-aro started missing beating them and called home threatening to cancel their admission without refunds. Rs. 0.2 million for a couple of kids physical and psychological torture? The father said, to hell with it.
Several months had passed in the school year and local schools in Karachi wouldnt give them admission. With great difficulty, he got them admitted somewhere and got private tuitions, and with a lot of hard work, the kids made up for the lost time.
Take my advice, dont send your kids to Peet-aro, and dont let anyone else do it either.

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