Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I went to National Bank of Pakistan at DHA Lahore Branch to get my account opened. It reminded me of the time when I was in Wichita, Kansas USA, at Bank of America branch there on a street called Fairmount. I think my memory isnt as poor as I think it is. So, when I was there, an alien, on student visa, it took only a few minutes to open my bank account. I didnt have to fill out any forms, didnt have to bring any photo copies, no attestations, and I was given a few cheques until my cheque book would be ready, and a temporary ATM card. All within a few minutes.
Compare that to National Bank of Pakistan. I've been trying to open that account since Thursday last week, and one requirement or the other was always missing. Which brings me to the point that most of us are also kum zarf, so when we get a position, we see the authority in it, and not the responsibility or that we can facilitate people. So, the person checking your account opening application is going to look for ways to refuse it, or delay it somehow or the other. Is that culture? Anyway, I was talking about the automation. And to think that a majority of us morons think "computer khatam ho gaya g, jobs naheen hain, betay ko telecomm main admission dilwain, ya MBA kara dain." Geez, you morons, get a life. We in pakistan are living in the stone age compared to even the least developed countries. We have a long way to go, and computer is the key to doing it. There is no avoiding it. Either that, or we'll be annihilated by the nations of the world, in which case we wouldnt have any worries at all, as UN C-130s would air drop food to us, and we will have tribes with nothing to eat, but definitely guns to kill others and taking the dropped food into our tribe leader's custody. A reflection of some African nations, except our complexions would be different, and we wouldnt do those funny dances they do, even when they are mourning.


FM said...

Everything should be electronic. We are still living on paper work which is quite hard to maintain and plus needs a good time to make sure everthing is filled correctly and is ready and nothing is forgotten. One always hate to be reminded of something missing.

Muhammad Yahya said...

Ok, here is another example :)

We start in NED with Entry Test form, need to submit attested photocopies of Marksheet of first Year (intermediate) and other docs.

If get cleared, another set of same photo copies with Admission Form.

Form for Library Card, Form for login id at local domain, etc etc ( no photo-copies this time )

Then, Registration form for FE examinations with Uni. card copy

Next year, SE, then again registration form for SE with photo copies of few docs, another registration form ( for updation of records :S ) and soo many photo copies and recent photo graphs and the process continues...

I wonder if they are going to make Photo Albums with our photos.

They give marksheets / enrol. card / uni id card by themselves and ask us for copies next year with another form.

One more amazing (and funny) thing; with this soo much collection and CROSS-CHECKING, we still have Roll Number 147 in attendance sheet. That guy didnt appear in SE examinations and didnt take any class this year, and still has 13/20 sessional marks in DE, equal than mine :$

Isnt it FUNNY ?? or lack of communication between diff. Academics / Admin. departments ?

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

rmbsgHowever, I am glad about one thing. They dont ask for a photocopy of the ID card to be attached with an application form for an ID card. Otherwise, it would be a chicken and egg problem.

M Shoaib Sheikh said...

If we turn our systems electronic then how would we realize our Quaid's saying "Work Work & Extreme Work ".

Since we can't realize therefore all institutions are playing their part to realize Quaid's dream.;)