Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Software Engineering Project Proposal submitted

We submitted the proposal for the project assigned to our 3 member group. The project is really lame. Online airline reservation system. What can I do, it was assigned to us, we didnt choose it. I have the proposal on me, but I dont want to upload it in .doc format. I'll upload it after converting to PDF, which I can not do right now, because Acrobat is not installed on my laptop. Some of the CDs that I burnt in Karachi on my desktop are not readable on the laptop's combo, so I couldnt install Acrobat 6 Professional.
Now the approaching deadline is the SRS (Software Requirements Specification). I'm finding it rather enjoyable and interesting to do all this study and documentation. Apart from that, the assignment to implement STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) for bridges in C is also due on Monday next, so I am working on it as well. There is some sort of a simulator compiled as an object file, which is available for various OS platforms on the course website. The object file expects to see implementations of certain functions that are prototyped in bridge.h, and we implement them in bridge.c. We are given when the functions are called by the simulator, but we are expected to know what those functions would do and how to do it. Once I'm done with it, I'll post it somewhere, too.

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