Thursday, September 22, 2005

Met Dr. Zartash

I went to see a faculty member here at Computer Science and Engineering, Dr. Zartash. He has an MS and PhD from Stanford University. He is doing some great stuff here in computer networks with the students working under him. We discussed PhD in general, and the work he is doing and about to do, in particular. I found the present and future work very interesting. He is very friendly and very helpful. I'll be meeting with another faculty member and then I'll decide whom to work with. I'm about ready to get started. Dr. Zartash said that given initial guidance is the advisor's responsibilty, so once I decide what I want to do, he will tell me what to read and how to proceed with my literature survey. Later, I will find my own problem. He said that he can give me some problems right now, but he wouldnt do that, because I wouldnt be able to appreciate the problems much. Later on, when I have progressed sufficiently is when that will happen. I am about ready to get started, so let the games begin, the sooner the better.

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