Friday, September 09, 2005

Weather improvement

My car's radiator fan motor went dead last night, so I got it fixed first thing this morning. It had been quite hot up here in Lahore. Today, in the afternoon, clouds came around and it got cooler, there was a nice breeze. After my class at LUMS, I came back home and opened up the doors and windows to cool off the house, so my room right now is nice.
Got one homework today to do with set theory, probability, conditional probability etc. I'm considering somehow or the other uploading my solutions to it on the web, probably on the blog so that some poor soul later on could use my work to get hints etc, or downright freeload on it. Some questions are rather abstract and its difficult to get a start on them. Then even if you solve them, you're still wondering whether or not you're doing them right. That's where a teacher's edition of the book, aka, manual comes very handy. At least you can compare your work for correctness.
My brother was telling me yesterday to get a good idea of the way to LUMS. It should become instinctive to me before winter, so that I should be able to drive blindfolded, since that would be practically what I would be doing given the amount of fog that is expected. I claim that I could still today, if transported to Dallas, or Wichita, drive blindfolded there. Let's see if I can do the same here. The road to LUMS isnt too treacherous. Just a 15 minute drive.
By the way, I think the traffic lights here stay closed for longer than they do in Karachi. At least that's my feeling. I wonder when we will be down to intelligent traffic lights that operate on the basis of traffic load. Often you see a traffic light that is green and there is no traffic, and where there is traffic, the light is red. With the use of road load sensors, it can be easily made intelligent. The intelligence inside the cars, however, is another story. I havent resumed my driving lessons on the blog, so stay tuned, I'll get to that soon insha Allah.

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