Thursday, October 06, 2005

Cached profile

First of ramadan, and I am in one of the comptuer labs at LUMS to submit my software engineering SRS, here. I'll post it on the web,too. The machines were refusing login complaining that the roaming profile couldnt be loaded. I spotted the error and immediately moved to one of the machines that I had logged on to earlier and bingo, I was able to log in immediately. Others kept wondering and struggling. One lady sat on the chair next to me wondering what was going on, I told her to try a machine that she's logged on to earlier. She walked out of the lab. Another lady came up and asked how come mine was working, I described the scenario to her. Two others came and tried the machines next to mine, faced difficulties. When they talked to each other about it, I told one of them to try logging in on one of the machines they had used earlier. They walked out of the lab.
What? Is that too difficult to grasp? Or are the scared of why I am suggesting them to go to a certain machine. I dont know which, they do. Are they scared I've got something installed there? I dont know, but I dont care either. It was my good will to try and make them aware of what to do about the problem. If they wouldnt take the advice in good faith, they can suit themselves.

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