Friday, October 07, 2005

Good question paper

So, my first mid term at LUMS for software engineering went OK. I was very impressed with the question paper. While we were all expecting definitions and description, there was nothing of that sort at all in the question paper. A couple of case studies and decision makings of what process model we would choose in which scenario, drawing of DFDs and ERDs. The timing assigned to the exam was so accurate that I was clearly impressed. This being the first exam for me, I was unable to finish in the alloted time, and in the end, no one else was, either, so the teacher assigned 10 minutes extra, which was wrong, but I'll talk about that later. So, if you ask me, if we were in flow, we would have finished the thing in exact allotted time. I am clearly impressed by the paper setting. She's not an experienced teacher, but she has done what even I cant do with five years of teaching experience under my belt. I'll make it a point to tell her how highly I think of her paper setting skills. Now, as for the extra ten minutes, someone might have been able to finish in time, which would mean that he was ahead of the rest of the class, which he would deserve given that he had finished early. Now ten extra minutes, wouldnt do him any good, but would enable at least two or three others to catch up to him. That is unfair. I wouldnt have given extra time. Maybe one minute for the darkness while the power was switched from LESCO to generator and back, but not more.


Sarfaraz Ahmed Soomro said...

midterms?? u've hardly been there for 2 months

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Yes, and your class fellows were always complaining about tests and postponments. Every course a homework every week. Every week one surprise quiz per course. And these mid terms. They put you through a very rigorous process, which is why they dont produce garbage (at least not as much), whereas we do.