Friday, October 14, 2005

Careful what you do!

I believe that one should be careful what one is doing. Donating drug money to the disaster relief fund, for example, is no achievement. Like, doing a striptease show for charity, like holding a concert for charity, I never could get that. One could go gambling and send the proceeds to the fund. Or, like a (in)famous political party, donate one days worth of bhatta (extortion money) to the fund. These are buildings on weak foundations and wouldnt stand for long.
Imagine the extent of naroow mindedness of some people in the so-called "city of the educated" in Pakistan. Someone called up a television show and mentioned that there was so much going on in Karachi for disaster relief, while Lahore and other cities were not doing anything. That's the same bullshit extremism that a certain party has engraved in their minds over the period of more than a decade. I pitty these narro minded people, for education doesnt seem to infect their minds.

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Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

I can imagine. The Motherfucker Qaumi Movement is up to it again here; extorting bhatta from the people in the name of zakat for the motherfuckers up north.