Monday, October 17, 2005

More irony

Well, well, what do you know. Pakistan is amongst the largest producers of tents, and guess what we need worst these days. And, guess what, we're short of it. Why is the stuff most badly needed always "short" in our market, RAM, tomatoes, brain cells you name it. The person who owns the company producing most of these tents is under trial for murder. And guess where all big shot Pakistanis under serious criminal trials are? Abraod. So, he's been living with his entire family for three years in Emirates. Now, our government needs his tents. He's telling our government that they'll have to buy them. Seems like he's going to bargain the trial for the tents. That's so cool!


FM said...

You are damn right. Anything which our nation requires badly becomes short in market. We are a nuclear power and we dont have helicopters,dont have tents...Are we really a power ?....

with regards

Hammad said...

Power? we are no power!
a puppet? yes, But no sir no power Nothing at all.

Infact we are short of power... last night i had to do sehri with a candle on... reason ? Power Failure (read Lack Of Power)!

got it?