Monday, October 31, 2005

Dont read this posting!

I warned you. Not everyone has the same sense of humor, so if you think this is vulgar, I did warn you. Well, I took my wife to the car seat cushion maker, with my brother and we looked through some ready made material, that was inexpensive, but, well, not very classy. So, we decided to go for the option of having them tailor made, which was about more than twice as expensive. But the results were expected to be very promising as evident from the sample photos of the artistes work. They took out the seats from my car and I went around in an empty car with just one seat.
One great thing that came out of it was that last night me and my brother gave her interior a very very thorough wash, rinse, polish cycle. We fixed a few problems.
Tonight I went to get the seats back and I was pleased with what I saw. They look very beautiful. Very good handiwork. They did spoil all the mood, when they complemented to me that my car looked just like the new Corolla. Oh God, please, not the new Corolla! What did I do? Not the car that is running in taxis!
By the way, I went to Hush Puppies factory outlet and bought a great casual shoe and a dress shoe for steal prices. So, technically, I bought myself shoes and clothes for eid, and I bought my wife, well, judging from the placement of what I got her, undergarments. What are you upset about? I told you not to read this post.