Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wrestle mania - What the worrrrrrrrrrrld is watching

I was just watching wrestle mania. It wasnt Bret the hitman Hart, or the Rock, and it certainly wasnt on TV. It was on the street. Near a traffic light, the car in front of mine dead stopped and so did the one in front of that one. The guy on the driving seats of both vehicles in front of me popped out of their seats like springs and ran to each other. Long lost relatives? They ran to each other. But, wait, they started wrestling each other. There was no referee. A semi-hot dogess popped out from the front most car screaming, desperately trying to sooth down her driver and to avoid conflict, but she wasnt cutting it.
Both men looked like drivers. She seemed surprisingly concerned about the safety of her "driver." No, wait a minute, how can I be sure he was her driver. Maybe he was her car driver, though. Maybe she was worried about how she'd get to the market to do the late night shopping or explain to her husband the bruises on the driver's face or his torn clothes.
Anyway, people started gathering to try and separate the two fighting, to no avail. About real-life fighting, have you every noticed, that none of them kicked the other in the groin. That'd have been an early ending to the fight. ;-P
Well, the traffic light was only a short distance from me and it had turned green. I came that close to sending one of them where he belonged as the other one threw him to the asphalt as I pulled out to the fast lane and drove right past them and unfortunately, the one eating dirt dropped close to my left rear wheel. On second thought, though, I didnt want any red stains on my white car, either.

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