Thursday, October 13, 2005

More disaster (relief)

I was watching CNN today. Last night, the big guy President (George W) Mush spoke on TV. I didnt watch it, of course. I wonder why it is immediate speech when the opposition announces a strike or when there is some importance incident related to the oh-so-important war against terrorism, but it took till last night for him to make the speech. I guess he was waiting for power to be resumed in the disaster struck areas. In that case, I think he should've waited for another month or two.
CNN told me that he acknowledged that the relief efforts (if there is such a thing) have been slow. The CNN report termed the disaster struck areas as "one of the most difficult to reach areas on the earth." Granted, but I've already spoken on that issue. The only considerable relief effort that is going on in the remot northern areas is by an NGO led by the leader of the Agha Khani community. With one chopper, they are doing whatever they can. I again say, shame on us, that we dont have the slightest of infrastructure or organization to do anything in the name of disaster recovery. The reason is obvious: People dont matter, if they die, so be it. We'd sell them off to the FBI as false suspects anyway.
All this while, they've been lying about doing their best, and the relief efforts were concentrated in the federal capital on the Margalla Towers. Why? Some foreigners used to dwell there, and, of course, it is the federal capital. The few "important" people in Pakistan live there. Now they admit that they have been slow. So, will there be any accountability? Well, keeping with the past, a few government employees might be suspended, with full pays and perks with nothing to do in the name of duties, or transferred to some remote place where they have to do even less amount of work (and they do nothing as it is already, so maybe they'll do negative work). What a punishment! I guess that explains why some people are dying for government jobs and CSS and stuff. So that they could be deputed at the so-called disaster relief hotline.
And, our beloved Chaudhary sahib was in UK to attend his son's wedding, and still is there. Of course, that's where the life is.
You know what I think we should do? I think we should take this moment to take the law into our own hands. Whoever we find as a black sheep, people selling merchandise for more than necessary, truckers charging more for the disaster relief area commute, hotline operators not receiving calls, or not doing their job right, catch these bastards, beat the living shit out of them and hang them on the roundabouts. That is the only way we will ever learn a lesson. The legal system just doesnt cut it.


Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

The (so-called) disaster relief here is pretty much the same. Only the one I saw at PAF museum looked a bit sincere as stuff collected was immediately loaded onto military trucks and sent on their way. The stuff being collected by the political parties is NOT being tranferred and is lying inside the tent, just so they can show the public and commuters how much has been collected in the name of a SOB living a life of luxury in UK.

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

What I'm saying is, most of the people are enthusiastic, but its energy without direction. We have no real leaders, who are supposed to give direction to the energies. Yea, I was wondering if those guys would donate one day's "bhatta" to the disaster relief fund.