Thursday, August 25, 2005

Another good bye

Well, today there was another farewell for me. It was lunch at Pizza Hut thrown by some students from BE(CIS) A. I feel very sorry that I couldnt attend a lunch that was thrown by some of their class fellows purely because I had forgotten that I had a meeting at Microsoft Pakistan that afternoon. It was a coincidence and no prejudice.
The event was fantastic, and I had a very good time with the students. The environment was very light and we talked about all sorts of things ranging from doing MS, doing PhD, doing job, doing MBA to what kind of music I like.
Before the lunch, they presented to me a very beautiful bouquet, and I promise I'll post photos of that bouquet soon. I have put it in the vase on my desk. The feelings of the students are present in that bouquet in the form of color and scent that is independent of time. The flowers may fade in the vase, but the memory will remain.
In the end there were lots of photographs, too. I'm just an ordinary man, but they treat me as if I'm some kind of a celebrity or something. I just want them to know that they are my heros, the leaders and builders of tomorrow. Looking at them, I feel relieved that the future is in good hands.
Then, we said good bye and four of them dropped me off on campus because I hadnt brought my wife (read, my car) along today, as she was getting some rubbing polish job. She looks very good, by the way.
So, when they dropped me off, they wish me all the best, thanked me very much, while it was all my pleasure. One of them, Farhan, said something that was enough to blow anyone away. He said, "Sir, waqaee aisa lug raha hay jaisay koi cheese chin rahee hay." or so I remember, meaning, "Sir, it really feels as if something is being snatched from me/us." Very touching words. I'm sure he saw the moisture in my eyes at that moment, which I did my best to hold back, wished them all the best and went back to my office.
Then, there was a Masters Student from SSUET who was supposed to come see me regarding her thesis and she was expected to arrive at 4:00 pm. It was past 5:15 pm when I got back, so obviously, she had already left. She wasnt me, after all, who waited two hours outside Dr. Irfan Haider's office on appointment and didnt utter a word because it was for my good that I was there. ;-P


Jheera said...

You should look into installing CAPTCHA for your blog. Too much comment spam coming along, apart from the legit posts.

I still remember that day when you refuted to teach us FDRSD (left for US to pursue MS). Time indeed passes quickly but some memories are just vivid!

-Arif Khan

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Yes, I am doing it now. I have been thinking about it for a couple of days but was a bit too tied up to do anything but the absolutely necessary.
I'm glad you remember that. This time around, I am leaving with only four lecture hours to be done. The coursework is pretty much complete and the remaining lecture hours for the most part are just fillers.