Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I went to the HQ of ACLC (Anti Car Lifting Cell) near Gujjar Nala yesterday around 5 pm and the cops told me that I should get the NOC to transport my vehicle to Lahore between 10 am and 2 pm. I went there today at that time and had my vehicle inspected for accuracy of engine and chassis numbers and history. I paid Rs. 100 fees, deposited copies of car documents, and my NIC and was advised to collect the NOC at 3 pm. I went back to the University to attend SCONEST 2005 and a person from O&A was also waiting with my Toshiba Tecra S2 laptop for me.
I opened the seals on the packing and inspected the laptop. He upgraded the RAM to 1 GB in front of me and then I made him the payment. Then, we went to the conference lunch. It was good. While we were having lunch, some students from some unknown department came and intentionally broke some plates and bottles. That is so unfortunate! Such misbehavior from the most educated lot of the country! We had plenty of food by the way.
Then, I returned to the lab to hand over IEEE Student Branch stuff to Ahmed Faraz, INETA Pakistan stuff to Fahad Abdel Kader and Lab Coordination stuff to Shazia Bano.
Having done that, I went to SCONEST for some minutes and had photographs with a few students and then left to collect my ACLC.
I took my NOC and drove to Tariq Road to the shop where I had purchased my car's security system to have the horn replaced which was malfunctioning after a car service.
Then, I took the car to the place where I had purchased the CNG kit and had it tuned. Then went back home for five or ten minutes before going to Lal Qila for the dinner with INETA Pakistan folks. It was unfortunate that the person who master minded that dinner, Hammad Rajjoub didnt show up and his cell phone was not responding. Me, Fahad and Adnan had a very nice dinner there, and took a few photos. Then, we left with Adnan standing in front of my car trying to stop me from going away to Lahore. He is really sad to see me go.
I then returned for a few hours of sleep.

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