Monday, August 22, 2005

Driving 102

Second lesson

What? You're running for the car keys again already? Go and read the first lesson thoroughly.

Know your traffic signs. Well, we dont have many in Pakistan, so its not difficult to know that, and actually know what they mean. A few important points:

Geen light means, go, amber means, get ready, red means stop. No, no, no, RED DOES NOT MEAN GO! If you have entered the intersection and the light turns amber, go ahead and go through the intersection. If the light is already amber before you have entered the intersection, do not proceed. Stop! Read the last three sentences again and understand what they mean. If there is a car stopped at the other end of the intersection, you should not enter the intersection even if the light is green. Do not block the intersection. What if an ambulance or fire engine comes from the other road and you're in the way? We dont care, right? Let the sucker on the death bed die, right? Sigh.

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