Saturday, August 27, 2005

Limb detached from the body

No you wouldnt even understand what I mean here. It is not a physical detachment of a limb from a human or animal body, it is just a matter of describing an event, that I'll just have haunting me when I return to this blog entry.
A limb has been detached from the body. The body is sad, but the detachment was necessary because the limb was infected. The infection and the limb are still together, happily, they might think. But I'm sure the limb and the infection are not going to be happy for long. Too bad for them.


M Shoaib Sheikh said...

"MAN OF THE YEAR" ceremony

This is LaserOnline News and we will shortly take you to the presentation area where you'll see the live coverage of the "Man of the Year" ceremony so dont go away and keep tuned in.We'll be right back after a short commercial break.

Its Shoaib Boycott and we're back.Lets take you to the presentation area where Noman Shastri is with the presentation party.Lets join them.

Hello and welcome to the presentation area where all the CIS roaring crowd is gathered to witness this wonderful match.First let me introduce you to the presentation party.Starting up from the right we've first of all Mr.Sarfaraz Soomro of Chandio Enterprises,adjacent to him is the Chief Guest Mr.Abdullah Eiffel of HighAltitudes Inc.,Mr.Ahmed Minhas from Al-Qaeda and last but not the least Ms.Preeya Rawalani -The department of Information & External Affairs Management for SE CIS B.

Now coming towards the reward which is zillions of good wishes wrapped up in prays which would be of course presented by the sleeping beauty- The Chief Guest.So keep your ears opened up as I am going to declare "Man of the Year" award as decided by the jury which is beyond any doubt no one other than Mr.Saqib Ilyas.Ladies & Gentlemen please put your hands together for the wonderful and marevellous innings played by this cheerful chairperson of many computer societies.Saqib please download the reward on your laptop using bluetooth and would you please forward and have few words with us.

N Shastri :Hello Saqib ! Wonderful Innings ,wonderful atmosphere,you must be delightful person.
M Saqib: Re-hello ......Yeah of course man why not !
N Shastri:Well Saqib how did you manage to play such a superb knock in a very short duration during your stay at NED.
M Saqib :Ahaaan.....God knows better,I never feel greater,duration was shorter but everything went smoother.
N Shastri:Wonderul metaphorical words,absolutely gorgeous.I would like to have some more questions with you.
M Saqib :Sure Man I wonder Why did you ask that.....(grin)
N Shastri:What you would like to say about the pitch of NED.Its been hard for many and not many of the players had good time playing on it and you scored a maiden century..What what would you say....??
M Saqib :The pitch wasnt that bad actually.It all depends upon the bowlers(students) cooperation.The quick outfield (seminars) was also very much supportive indeed.
N Shastri:You are very fond of playing lots lofty shots(achievements) and you often do this.
MSaqib : Simply,I want to be the one......
N Shastri:Why dont you wonna go abroad to improve your technical skills and stay right here in your homeland.
M Saqib :Come on man "You rock my world".When I have wealth of information available offline(home) why would I like to go online(abroad).I want it that way........
N Shastri:How was the crowd and above all the atmosphere..........
M Saqib :The crowd was really magnificent and the atmosphere no doubt was electric.
N Shastri:You often ignore shortcomings of the students and smile.
M Saqib :That's the way it issss.......
N Shastri:You are gonna leave very soon.Do you've got any message for all of us.
M Saqib :You guys are really great,the way you bid farewell,you turned me on,be unbreakable,unshaken.I wish you all gud Luck.
N Shastri:Ladies & Gentlemen once again please put your hands together for this wonderful person and hey Saqib we've got some words of praise dedicated to you....Here it goes....

I was build to be the best...No.1 and nothing less.....Leave me to my destiny. I've waited patiently....I have vision Oooo cant you see....I am on the move Make way for me.So stand up.....stand up................ for the champion.....for the champion stand up..........

Allah hafiz & Good nightmares :)

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Well, you've just played a marvelous innings(comments) on my home ground(blog). Very entertaining interview. How about doing it for the anniversary? Other faculty members might sensor it out, lol. Maybe we could bribe some faculty members to have me talk to you all during the anniversary function on the phone from Lahore.
The words of praise, what can I say, I pray for strength to be able to live up to them. All I would say is, thanks so much for being yourself. Keep rocking.

Sarfaraz Ahmed Soomro said...

infact shoabi its awesome; u r a gifted writer indeed. I suggest you start writing seriously :).

Apart from that; sir i wonder who are the limb and the infection? is it about the ms on campus stuff?? or....

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

No, nothing to do with MS on Campus thing. Just forget it, it's something not too important.

Muhammad Yahya said...

Its about Adam and Eve, i guess !