Friday, August 19, 2005

Huge resource on web services security

A huge resource on web services security. Lots of papers and stuff.


Faisal Nasim said...

Yes! I bought Schneier about 4 years ago but never had the courage to read it more than about 30-40 pages because it didn't make much sense then and I didn't have suffient interest in detailed analysis of the algorithms. Unfortunately, the book is old and did not cover Rijndael! However, I was able to read about the Galois fields, Fiestel networks, Iterated Block Ciphers and all about DES and 3-DES in it which were really helpful. I have almost completed my paper (the part without any 'research' that is!) and you'll be astonished to learn that I was actually able to find a silly mistake in Vincent Rijmen's original AES proposal. It was a really stupid mistake in the subscript of a variable and I was told that it has been fixed already. Nevertheless, I was quite happy I was able to spot that on my own and I owe one to Mam. Humera for such a fine activity!

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

I'm not astonished. It's very expected from folks like you.