Friday, August 26, 2005

Good Year

No, we're not talking about GoodYear Tyres. First, let me tell you today's account. Today, was another one of those unbelievable days. This time, it was Second Year, section A. They had the green board with some nice word art of good byes when I went to class. I bored them for a while with Object Oriented Design and then opened the floor for any rants, comments or questions.
They asked questions, I went around, answered them. There were all sorts of questions ranging from my date of birth, to why I wasnt going abroad for PhD, to how I would like being in Lahore etc. Then, they announced, that there was something stuck at the gate and it would take a little while. I was fine with waiting for a few more minutes, with the suspense of what was about to happen. So, we kept talking.
Then, they presented me with several greeting cards, and a lovely bouquet. It was just as good as the one the other section had given me. Once again, I have taken photographs of it and will upload them soon, I promise.
They took photos of me, too, with Gosphy and her class fellow (I keep forgetting her name, I'll edit this blog once I remember it. Sorry if you're reading it yourself). There was lots of clapping, too. They thanked me and wished me luck etc. Nice, wonderful words that anyone would wish for. I was touched and lost for words. There was another gift for me, too. Unfortunately, I didnt have enough carrying arms for everything, and there was no way I was going to leave the bouquet behind, so the gift is still sitting wrapped on my desk. I'll open it tomorrow and blog about it.
Anyway, after that, they requested a photograph, and I was all for it. They said they had a frame already and would place the photo in the frame and give it to me tomorrow. That'll be so nice of them. We went outside to the lawn and line up, ladies standing, the gentlemen sitting down, and me (do I fit into any of those categories ;-p) standing behind the sitting boys, the ladies behind me. There were photos. Then I went in to collect my gifts and several students wanted me to write something for them in their notebooks, and autographbooks. I wrote some in Urdu, some in English.
When I was going back to my laboratory, some boys for some other department passing by whispered to each other to look at the pretty flowers. It was truly an incredible bouquet, and its not the only one I have received, each one just as good, each time, the same amount of love with it, each time the whispers of appreciation for the bouquet in the hands of a guy with an identity card hanging around his neck indicating that he is a teacher.
It was all so incredible. So much love, for so little that I have done for them. That's why I say that this has been an incredible year. So much travel, so much honor, so much love. Turkey, India, PDC 2005, admission at LUMS, such love at NED. I'm lost for words. There's more coming up tomorrow. There's a good bye to be said to Second Year, section B. It'll probably be the toughest one. Then, some ladies from final year have requested my company for some informal refreshments any time tomorrow, so we'll have that, too.

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