Sunday, August 07, 2005


I have a bad habit. I answer most of the questions I get by using google. So, I thought I'd blog for everyone this one. Practice! Try google with different search strings. It comes with practice. In the end you'll be able to find anything you want from an authentic source effortlessly. If you are looking for something from a specific website, try site search on google which is quite easy. For instance, if I am looking for delegates tutorial on microsoft's website I would type in the search textbox on google: delegate tutorial and hit enter. That'll search all of and, etc. Get the idea?


Sabrina Malik said...

Nice tip for the googlers!!
Thx to u for replying I have one more teacher who has some time to read wat i write ......I seriously feel honoured...after Sir Ali Raza you are the one for students like me but I dunno why people who are good to us and whom we admire stay with us for a very short time .....but i am happy that "THIS" time its for
Good (concernign the fact that u will be doing ur PhD)
Thx again and best o fluck:)

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

It's a pleasure. It's interesting to learn from other people's experiences. If you recall my first lecture in OOP, education is about learning from two things: 1- other people's experiences, 2- Own experiences. By experiences, I also mean mistakes. So, reading others blogs is also an enriching experience, which I do (rarely). I must confess that I am not good, just another guy trying to do the right things in life whenever possible, and I dont succeed quite often.