Saturday, August 20, 2005

Some people never learn

Friday afternoon, some students (boys and girls both) from final year came down to the ground floor corridor, made some noise gathering their friends, and then reportedly the lady accomplices went to first year section A and asked a few girl students out during the Pakistan Studies lecture. All the noise disrupted my lecture and I stepped out to see what was going on. There was chaos and students were leaving the class and hurrying away while the students from final year taunted the first year students.
The entire episode reflected how they were brought up and what happens in their homes every day. Such a sorry lot. Some people never learn, no matter how you preach them to tell right from wrong.
If that's their idea of enjoyment, then enjoyment befits those who do their job full well, and not to those who rely on twenty sessional marks just to pass the exam. And then, enjoyment does not mean behaving like idiots. Oh, but wait! I forgot that they were muslims and Pakistanis on top of that. Their satisfaction lies in hurting others. My mistake.

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Sarfaraz Ahmed Soomro said...

We heard that aswell.

khair. Never knew that Hallelujah was a religious song :s. BTW i also liked Enigma stuff a lot, they also did religious stuff :D