Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bye bye!

Today, I firs to NED University to print, seal and submit the question papers for the courses I taught this year to the Chairman, said a final good bye to all the teachers and staff. I went to final year, to see Sir Shahab. In that round, some other students also saw me go by. After that, I went from one lab to another saying good bye to whoever was there. I was glad that Ali Ismail wasnt there because he is very passionate and it would've been a real tear jerker. When I met Anis, the technician, he hugged me with strength and for a long time. He is also very very nice and passionate and I'll miss his straightforward nature.
I then said good bye to Dean ECE and drove over to Hawksbay Road to give my wife (my car) to the transporter for being sent to Lahore. My father was coming on our bike from home. The traffic was very bad as most roads are being constructed. The only relief were the big trailers, otherwise everyone else was driving like a moron.
Once I saw the transporters places at Hawksbay Road, you can not imagine my joy to realize that I was there.
I left the car at the transporter's place. Took one last look at it, saying a silent good bye and then rode back home with my father on the motor bike. Getting home, we had lunch. My mother had cooked my favorite mutton rice. After having done that, I packed the rest of my stuff and got ready to leave for the airport.
There was a surprise there, as I was told that the 20 kg excess baggage that was approved for me being an Awards+ member was not available to my class of Awards+ members. I was surprised and explained that I had made a call a few minutes ago to the call center and they had confirmed that it was approved. The shift incharge however, let go of 14 kg excess baggage as good will and I paid for 10 kg which was Rs. 800, and I didnt mind as long as it got there.
So, now, here I am in Lahore. With so many possibilities, uncertainties, fears and happiness all through my mind. Let's see what tomorrow holds.

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